Sock Exchange

An exchange venue for socks

Most of us have experienced the loss of one sock from a pear. There are a few avenues that one may take to combat this. One of them being the purchase of identical peaches of socks. This way one doesn’t have to worry too much about loosing one, since they’re all identical. Very often it’s the parents who are suggesting this path over others. Another equally promising, but entirely unexplored route is the re-acquisition of socks through sock exchanges. The idea being that you can trade your sock with someone else’s socks.

How does this work?

Every attendee brings one of their single socks to the event. They will be put on display (see Figure 1) and everyone get’s to find potential partners for their single socks. Once two single socks have been found, their wearers can exchange their experiences with their socks over a socktail.

Figure 1: Display of Socks from the first Vienna Sock Exchange in 2019